Pioneers of AYSO is an independent volunteer effort to document AYSO's history. Presently the staff of the Pioneers of AYSO include the following:
 Position  Name  Email
 Chief Historian
 Joseph P. Bonchonsky, Sr.
 Information Technology
 Tim Oey

Section Historians
 Section  Name  Email
 Section 1

 Section 2

 Section 3
 Peter van der Heijden
 Section 4
 Section 5
 Lee Stewart
 Section 6
 Section 7
 Section 8
 Section 9
 Section 10
 Section 11
 Section 12
 Section 13
 Section 14
 Section 99

 Sections Map
Area and Region Historians are listed at the level of their Area or Region.
Past AYSO volunteers are invited to join us to add to our collection of AYSO history. For more information please see Web Administration and the pages under it. Thanks! 

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