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The story of AYSO expansion throughout the United States is now, 1975, well underway, from State-to-State. AYSO finds a new home and the basic ingredient is two fold; AYSO volunteers and AYSO Philosophies. AYSO National headquarters is blessed with the foundation earned from the beginning. From the home of Hans Stierle in West Torrance as the first National Headquarters to the highly efficient present-day National Headquarters in Torrance, AYSO is and has been managed by people who were filled with the best of intentions and qualities.

As you read the names of the officers at every level noted in the APAYSO, and the APAYSO REGIONAL HALLS OF FAME, names to be listed in each State/City region, one must be fully aware that working pioneers and alumni pioneers will not ever be financially compensated equivalent to “for profit” organizations. AYSO founded by a special breed of community-oriented men and women, exercised at the challenges of every time period, will always be rewarded by simply visiting a field of play where the joys and thrills of youth soccer are evidenced. Screaming parents and demanding coaches are very evident but the true blessing is the “leadership learning process” that every player receives both as an individual and as a team player. Soccer is blessed in being an “unregimented” sport in which individual skills are developed and then maintained by “working partnerships” with fellow players.  The words “working partnerships” are purposefully used in the previous sentence with a strong intent. For those of us who participated in excellent American team sports, as both an individual and team player, fully recognize the true benefits gained by a youth soccer player, and especially in AYSO through its unique Philosophies.    

First, after the game starts, the coaching duties are mostly completed except for substitution and half time evaluation with corrective suggestions. Secondly, each player is not limited to a specific action item, except maybe the goalie who must stop the shot on goal. Each field player has a multitude of options before the ball reaches him; the player must determine the best option and then execute that maneuver. During this action item, the player self-instructs himself/herself to decision-making knowing that one decision is better than the other but also that performance is required.  The player in determining his/her movement selects his best skill but is also remindful of the results of his movement in that the next player also has special skills that should be evaluated at every opportunity.

Thirdly, field conditions, time of game, ability of the referee, previous coaching instructions, etc., etc. must be exercised to result in the optimum decision by the players. All together, during a soccer game, leadership skills with individual accomplishments are not only developed throughout the game but most intensely under the pressure of working with the different skills of other people.

In a game of players with comparatively equal skills, one is challenged differently, and growth of skills is developed in a special vein. That may be opportune for team growth but in the early days of learning skills directly related to “normal life,” the working skills developed where the skills of the participants are widely varied, the EVERYONE PLAYS philosophy of AYSO has major benefits in the real world that last a life time.

One of the major benefits of AYSO in developing skilled soccer players is the special attention that the AYSO EVERYONE INVITED philosophy results in many gifted players that have different “skills growth” time periods. Youth sprout up at different age periods; youth mature at different age periods; youth are best kindled at the special age periods that define each player. AYSO encapsulates every different stage in our youth and, consequently, allows the gifted player to be found. Out of quantity comes quality and without providing an unlimited quantity to find their niche, be it as a “leadership learned skill or a gifted-player skill,” the PIONEERS of AYSO have dutifully incorporated the best of both benefits to our youth.

While many will measure AYSO success by their careers during their soccer years, the true measuring stick will be their careers in all of the years of their life. The achievements by the most successful soccer player is worthy of notice but the achievements by the successful AYSO graduate "citizen" will always be the true measurement of EVERYONE INVITED and EVERYONE PLAYS.