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Add the story of AYSO National headquarters from the home of Hans Stierle in West Torrance, to the Pacific Coast Highway address in Torrance, to Inglewood, to the elementary school in Hawthorne (as a precursor to the requirements of an AYSO National Headquarter's needs) (Normandie Ave) to fully serve the full growth of youth Soccer in the Americas. The value of a National Office in the first 50 years of AYSO will continue forever based on the growth of regions as they exchange the various advantages  that succeed. 
Subsequent regional writings will provide STORIES that are worthy of incorporation at the National level. Presently, "text" is primarily devoted to explaining how the AYSO PHIOSOPHIES evolved, and were evidenced by the resulting actions. It is the strength of unity served within each region and for each region that provides the hallmark of progress in serving our youth through the benefits of playing youth soccer with coordination amongst regions, all of them..
In order to grow this web site to your satisfaction and  to provide an efficient level of participation by each region, the initial input should primarily include player and team statistics, regional officers of each year, regional Hall of Fame inductees with their profiles, as the regional STORIES are being gathered to enhance the text both at the regional level and the national level. As the text grows, this APAYSO WEB SITE will become your Regional History of Participation in your national organization of regions.
Detailed procedures for your participation will be outlined in the Web Administration link of APAYSO..