AYSO Regional History

Regional History Guidelines

In honor of the thousands of men and women who coached, refereed, or as administrators, laborers, etc. and made it possible for millions of boys and girls to play youth soccer in AYSO, the Pioneer Story of AYSO at the regional level will include the Profiles of deserving REGIONAL members of AYSO. For those who have received National honors their Profiles will be located in the National level of this website and names mentioned in their regional story. This website is the wonderful story of many people who not only grew their families but enjoyed the friendship of many others. This is your STORY as a Pioneer of AYSO and each region is welcomed to include their history wIth their giants. You will eventually read individual stories and regional statistics that fully indicate the treasures of life via a multitude of pioneers. ENJOY! 
Each Regional Historian who volunteers will select a regional Historian Committee comprised of regional members (suggested, no less than five) to commence the presentation of the regional story. The statistics and officers for each year of existence will be the foundation of the regional pioneer story. Then, the Regional Historian Committee will select candidates for each Regional Hall of Fame as noted in the GUIDELINES "page" in the Home "page" of this web site. AYSO Profiles of each selected candidate for the Regional Hall of Fame are required to initiate their entry into the Regional Hall of Fame as noted in the GUIDELINES. 
The profiles within each region will be included in their "Files" as attachments. 
After the basic statistics and information for each year are obtained, worthwhile stories of achievements, events, and activities, are to be prepared and emailed as a document attached to an email to the Area Historian who will then "edit" them into the web site (copy and paste) and thereby ensure that each region will be compatible with the Area format and information verified. Instructions and assistance of editing into the web site for the Area Historian will be under the guidance of Tim Oey (pronounced "wee,") Information Technology Specialist and recorded in the Web Administration "page" in this website.      
The format and text (underway) for the West Torrance region will be used as a "guideline" for each region to allow the readers a compatible understanding of the format used to fully protray the overall STORY of the  Pioneers of AYSO. The West Torrance example is located at the bottom of this page.
The intent of writing the PIONEERS OF AYSO STORY is not only to be mindful of the men and women who truly made/make this awesome youth program successful but also provide assistance to the next generation of Pioneers of AYSO. It is at the regional level that you make AYSO History and although it will take years before each region is fully presented, the STORY will still be never-ending as it should be. Can you envision the AYSO player in the year 2064 (the 100th anniversary) when he/she reads about their Pioneers of AYSO story in the first fifty years. Most importantly, your offsprings' offspring will reminisce as the "family" name is noted. Enjoy the preparation and look forward to the 50th anniversary.!
Each Section will be listed on the "Home" page and the main city(ies) of each region will be noted therein. The objective is to readily locate your region and concentrate your first reading of the regional Pioneer Story therein.   
Each and every region is to name a Regional Historian and Historian's Committeee. The Regional Historian is to submit their regions history to the Area Historian who will validate the regions input and compliance to the format noted in the Guidelines of this website. The Section Historian is to assist the Area Historians. 
Because the region AYSO assigned numbers are not numerically sequenced within their area, the name of the State and the City will be used to allow for ease of identification and utilization of this website. Region numbers may be used within the regional history text to ensure specifics when necessary.
Each region is encouraged to provide the annual information from their beginning concerning the number of players, number of teams, regional commissioner and  staff names, and to be followed by Regional Hall of Fame members, as the second step (or in parallel), in accordance to the guidelines noted in this website. Regional stories of importance will then follow the completion of the basic information within each time period. Regional stories of National significance will then be selected and included at the AYSO National History level by the National Historian and the National History Committee.       
Regional history will be edited into the website by the authorized Area Historian with compliance to basic information format.
It is the intent of the Pioneers of AYSO to honor each and every member of AYSO by providing the opportunity for their names and accomplishments in this all-encompassing website to be documented. It is understood that this is a never-ending task because each year's regional history will be added and previous years' text expanded.  
AYSO is truly an awesome, believable story within each region and you are entitled to tell your story. The statistical annual growth in the number of players and the number of teams is at the heart of your history and the regional officers are most responsible. Each and every player, coach, referee, administrator, laborer, soccer Mom and soccer Dad, friends, who volunteer their time and treasure are the life blood of youth soccer in AYSO. THIS IS YOUR WEBSITE ......PARTICIPATE AND ENJOY. 
In preparing the web site format during this early preparation stage, the ease of reading the History of each region will necerssitate "clicking" to reach individual pages. The present individual pages format in the web site, at this time, is oriented to allow for the ease of "additions, corrections, etc.) by the Area editors. during the time period of considerable writing of history.
The listing of regions will also be by States, Areas, Region numbers and Cities therein. The example attached as subpages is the beginning of Sections 1 in the State of California(mid-South). It is planned that Area Historians will enter (cop[y and paste) the regional histories supplied to them by their regional historians.
After reading Region Search, click on Section 1 below, and locate Region 14, West Torrance as an example to follow.