To locate your region of interest:
  1. Click to navigate to your Section as noted on the Home page map.
  2. The Section page will list every Area alpha, Region Number, and City(ies) (eventually) therein to assist you in locating the Region of your interest.  

   3. Region Historians will add and update the names of the City(ies) that best descries their region to the Area Historian to be   included in the web  site. Presently, the City(ies) will be as noted in the AYSO data base. In some cases, the same city is noted within two regions. Each Regional Historian will edit City(ies) nomenclature to best identify the Region.

     The West Torrance Region (Section 1, Area F, Region 14, West Torrance) may presently be tracked to assist you in the procedure to locate your region of interest and is noted as follows:
    In reading the map on the Home Page, Section 1 is the first step in locating West Torrance Region.
    Clicking on Section 1 lists the Area alphas and Region numbers within Section 1.
    Clicking on subpage Area F lists the Regions in Area F. Although a repeat of the above, this procedure will allow for an Area Historian to have his own "page" for management purposes. 
    West Torrance is noted as Region 14.
    Click on Region 14 in the subpage to locate West Torrance text. Each Regional Historian will prepare text (suggest WORD documents for copy and paste)  to submit to the Area Historian to input into the web site  
This procedure of a region search will be expanded as the web site grows.