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Region 14 - West Torrance

On February 13, 1965, the first game ever in AYSO between the Bulldogs and the Hornets was played under wooden goal posts at Jefferson Elementary School Field and the AYSO beginning was underway. The AYSO STORY of the PIONEERS OF AYSO is all-encompassing and Hans and Christel Stierle who lived across the street from Jefferson Field provided the first National Headquarters of AYSO in their house and garage. There were only four teams in the first year centered in West Torrance but soon West Torrance became Torrance who became Torrance/South Bay before their renewal as the West Torrance region again in 1969-70 with seven other regions out of Torrance/South Bay. Hans Stierle of West Torrance (see Founders profile at the National level of this website) was the first president of AYSO and the first commissioner of West Torrance. Men and women throughout the South Bay of Los Angeles centered their  pioneer days in Torrance and stories of many men and women as players, coaches, referees, and administrators have their roots in West Torrance's beginnings
The AYSO history of West Torrance is unparalleled and the desire to spread the sport of soccer amongst the youth of America first begins here at Jefferson Elementary School Field. The tasks were many from EVERYONE PLAYS to BALANCED TEAMS to EVERYONE IS INVITED and many of the other philosophies of AYSO found their initial beginnings tested here in the City of Torrance.  West Torrance region belongs to every one in AYSO, it is your region. The West Torrance historian and the historians' committee will lead the way for other regions by drafting the APAYSO model to provide a compatible "story board" that will allow each reader to be fully informed of AYSO  history in a "pioneering" methodology. 
In addition to Pioneer Profiles at the National level, the Regional Profiles herein will truly reveal the values of our West Torrance pioneers. The growth in annual numbers of players in West Torrance is astounding and the pioneers of players, coaches, referees, Soccer Moms, Soccer Dads, administrators and the manual laborers are dutifully portrayed in this web site of the PIONEERS OF AYSO.      
The annual presentation of the History of the West Torrance region is noted in the subpages of this page. While this page is of West Torrance, each region will have their History prepared by their historians and in the light of their interpretation. It is planned that a meaningful level of history is completed for the attendees of our AYSO 50th Anniversary, with your History included.  
Click on View All (below) and then click on West Torrance at the top of the page thereafter to select the year of interest.
Profiles of West Torrance pioneers will be included as attachments, noted below, when not located in National Profiles..  
West Torrance Honors: [Includes names of persons when they were involved in Torrance/South Bay region in the first years (1964- 1969)]  (Their names will be listed in regions that they were involved in afterwards, when that region's history is presented).
Founder: Hans Stierle
National Hall of Fame: Hans Stierle, Bill Wolstencroft, Norm Jackson, George Kay, Sigi Schmid, Joe Bonchonsky SR, Ron Littlefair
Regional Hall of Fame (TBD and listed here) (all profiles as attachments herein)
National Historian: Joe Bonchonsky SR
Area F Historian
Regional Historian: 
Regional Historian Committee: 
Regional website
Player Graduates, college players, professional players, high school coaches, college coaches, pro coaches:(details to be expanded through Regional Historian).
College players (add names of colleges, in parenthesis, after each name), Sigi Schmid (UCLA), Marine Cano (El Camino), Michael Bonchonsky (El Camino), Fred Molina (El Camino), Joe Bonchonsky (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) , Paul Jones, Kurt Stierle, Andy Bonchonsky (El Camino, UCLA)), Steve Hazzard,  Dave Sarkisian (Cal Dominguez),             etc.,   ..... (TBA)   
High school coaches: Sigi Schmid (Bishop Montgomery), Marine Cano (Palos Verdes, Bishop Montgomery), Andy Bonchonsky (West Torrance),
College coaches: Sigi Schmid (UCLA), Marine Cano (UCLA, USC, CalBerkeley,UCDominguez Hills, UC Irvine, SUA, SOKO,.), Andy Bonchonsky (UCDominguez, Loyoal-Marymount, CalBerkeley),
Professional players, Marine Cano (LA Heat,     ,      ), Joe Bonchonsky JR (LA Aztecs), Paul Jones (LA Aztecs),   
Professional coaches, Sigi Schmid (LA Galaxy, Columbus Crew, Seattle Sounders), Marine Cano (    ,    ,   ,),
Regional Hall of Fame
Regional Hall of Fame Profiles, attachments 
Review West Torrance, beginning in 1964 and especially years 1971-72, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1975-76 and 1976-77 to view examples of (initial rough) region input in annual format. The Regional Historian and his/her committee will rewrite this intial draft and complete the task plus identify the regional website link for today's regional staff of leaders.

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