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South Bay Kickers

In the attachment titled, "AYSO KICKERS 1967-68," you will find a treasure for those South Bay/Torrance players who can look back and enjoy their history at a very yountg age. True, the 41 pages had to be re-typed but it was worth every moment. As the coach of the HAWKS, Division III, I have a place in my heart for those youngsters and especially as they read of their team's on-the-field accomplishments. In 2014, one can only imagine the present location, vocation, and family life of each one. 
Most importantly, Ron Littlefair, prepared the original "Kickers" and today he is up there in heaven stating that it was his pleasure to see each team's player receiving their individual copy of each week's game report. The "grin" on each player as he read about his team and/or his name in print was a price worth the effort we "thank you" Ron.
To my HAWK players no matter how much you enjoyed the games, the practices, the highs, the lows, it was the comradry developed and may reading Ron's Kickers be a good remembrance of your youthful days in AYSO. There is a good feeling in reading the stories and now that you are in your 6th decade (2014) of life, may you proudly pass the ball to the next generation, and the next generation. I cherish and love each one of you. .... JPB        
Tim Oey,
Jun 1, 2012, 9:34 AM