Everyone Participates

In the 1969 -70 AYSO season, the eight commissioners of TORRANCE/ SOUTH BAY, led by Ron Littlefair and Joe Bonchonsky, invited every elementary school student  to join AYSO.  It was deemed necessary that if success was to be achieved, EVERY PARENT would have to PARTICIPATE to meet all the demands of unlimited growth. As a result, each new player was required to be accompanied by at least one parent at open registration. In turn, each parent was fully informed that the AYSO youth soccer program was to be "their" program. Because Torrance / South Bay was primarily a young families community, the desire on the part of the parents became the key in EVERYONE PARTICIPATES. A multitude of chores were outlined to have each parent to be comfortably involved in a chore that was within their abilities and available time.  
The fact that the South Bay of Los Angeles was divided into 8 specific communities allowed for a competitive arrangement of cities that added to the participation. The fifth year had experienced the formation of a Parents Organization and many tasks were fulfilled but now the entirety of the South Bay would be involved and greater participation was anticipated.
Soccer balls for each player, new uniforms, goal posts, coaches, referees, additional fields, administrators, etc., were high on the list of challenges and the essential task of EVERYONE PARTICIPATES would be the avenue to fulfill growth. The eight districts (regions) were administered by independent commissioners responsible for all activities in their districts. Because 7 of the 8 new commissioners were employed at Garrett-AiResearch in Torrance, weekly meetings allowed for close coordination and some tasks were aligned to cover all eight districts and thereby provided exchanges and efficiency into the growth. 
In the 1970-71 season, each of the 8 districts became official regions and with the EVERYONE PARTICIPATE philosophy, the growth of AYSO became unlimited. Soon every elementary school student had the opportunity to play in AYSO, and to be followed with girls' soccer, the South Bay became a powerhouse in high school soccer, boys' and girls' programs.  The advantage of EVERYONE PARTICIPATES is to leave no stone unturned. The need for additional coaches at the high school freshman and junior high school programs was soon met by AYSO graduates managed by the certified high school soccer coach. Skills were accelerated and competition was outstanding. It may be stated that within 10 years, the competitive level of high school players equaled the high school programs in other States that existed for many decades. With the annual improvement in high school soccer play, the second step of player development was well underway.
It was this AYSO Philosophy of EVERYONE PARTICIPATES that complimented EVERYONE PLAYS, EVERYONE INVITED, on  BALANCED TEAMS that captured the American Way to be  found and achieved.
The Torrance / South Bay commissioners realized that exporting AYSO to all States must become a priority. The commissioners provided 1/8 of their registration income to AYSO National to be earmarked strictly to support AYSO expansion in other States. And with the AYSO PHILOSOPHIES developed during the first ten years of AYSO, youth soccer in America would become the fastest growing youth sport. At the regional level, EVERYONE PARTICIPATES as a volunteer and this key factor provides the youth of America with a relationship of being led by parents who realize that their personal involvement in the growth of their own youth and the communities youth is the best procedure for the best of everyone's interest.
The Pioneers of AYSO with their homegrown Philosophies especially during the first ten years succeeds primarily because they evolved from within by the parents of the players. The non-affiliated years of AYSO were necessary to generate the American Way for soccer and to impact all other youth soccer organizations now is a reality. Youth soccer in the Americas needed an EVERYONE PARTICIPATES philosophy to succeed. The limitations of ethnic youth soccer programs have been overcome and now with the high school and college soccer programs improving annually, the status of soccer in America reaches the beginning of its potential. 
With the first 50 years completed and the procedures defined, the Early Pioneers witness the Pioneers of Today accelerating the program to invite every elementary school student in America to play youth soccer in AYSO.  When the entirety of America is invited, the gifted players going through the American Way will elevate the sport of soccer in the USA to the highest of heights.
In reading the high school and college soccer statistics, herein, one becomes enamored on how the Early Pioneers of AYSO strongly insisted on all of the AYSO Philosophies especially knowing that there would be opposition from within and from without. The ability for all youth organizations to have EVERYONE PARTICIPATE is foremost in the continuing growth of soccer in America. The task ahead is to have everyone working together.
The AYSO Philosophy of EVERYONE PARTICIPATES provides an example of future growth within AYSO by the addition of new AYSO Philosophies to meet the challenges anew.
Every region is encouraged to meet their challenges not only by the full implementatuion of existing AYSO Philosophies but also to generate the actions that result in EVERYONE'S GROWTH. The PIONEERS OF AYSO, in the past, knew that by full cooperation of everyone in AYSO to work together means uniting not only in the "working together" as a singular unit but also in the innovation of new ides to fulfill in making "your" AYSO the best possible for everyone.