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Our Goals

The history of AYSO and its fulfillment of GOALS is a never-ending joy and we pause at this time to look back in order to look forward. We, Pioneers of AYSO, past and present, consist of parents, players, and friends, are a volunteer organization especially at the regional level where the tasks have their most striking goals of importance. We are fully aware that our youth are developing their leadership skills and receiving an opportunity to grow into the best of adult citizens. Our "time and treasure" has been well utilized and now we shall refresh our energies to support AYSO, and, most importantly, to enjoy further successes by active participation in providing every youth in the Americas with the joy of athletic exhilaration on the field of play as we continue to score our next goals. 
AYSO has fast become the most exciting youth athletic program and we look forward to EVERYONE INVITED not only to play the sport as a youth but also to support the total AYSO program at all levels, especially the regional level. Many of us have nurtured our families, with the thrills and joys of their playing, and as coaches, referees, administrators, and the sweat of manual labor. Each and everyone of us is entitled to be refreshed by the history of AYSO and the multitude of accomplishments with success beyond our pioneer dreams. Like every AYSO player who dreams while on the field of play, we, as adults, also dream of the further American potential success possible within AYSO and our offspring and their offspring and their offspring.
No one is more experienced by the wisdom gained in our individual participation and the lessons learned truly indicate that the "best of paths" has been selected. It is prayerful that the future is filled not only with our individual dreams but also our dreams of strengthening this land of freedom with leadership skills learned on the field of play as EVERYONE PLAYS. Those of us who not only witnessed the first day of AYSO play at Jefferson Elementary School's field of dreams in Torrance, California but also expended our "time and treasure" for many years thereafter are kindled by the AYSO status of today in America. Many of the early Pioneers have moved upward and the memories of their efforts are a STORY to be told. Present day Pioneers of AYSO are always the keys of the future and your individual STORY must be told as it unfolds. Strong emphasis of individual Profiles will highlight the Pioneers STORY and rightfully so. Each region will select their most outstanding profiles to be included in their AYSO REGIONAL HALL OF FAME (see GUIDELINES). 
The www.apayso.org website is of unlimited pages and to fill them we request each active Pioneer to embrace this effort to include everyone, especially in the STORY of each region. In order to reach out to everyone in AYSO, each region will have their own STORY told. The format of each regional story is outlined in the GUIDELINES "page" of this web site. To assist you, the West Torrance AYSO regional story will be initiated (outlned) herein to provide guidance and ease to the efforts of each region's format. The challenge is typical for AYSO National in order to support each region. To efficiently exercise the preparation, each region will have a REGIONAL HISTORIAN who will input to the AREA HISTORIAN who will then edit the information directly into the website. In this manner, the joy will be shared and the history verifiable.          
The history of the Pioneers of AYSO is to be an "art of positive expression" and a "THANK YOU" to the many pioneers especially the ones who become Active in continuing their STORY in APAYSO. At all levels, we have celebrated, are celebrating, will celebrate with the memories of the past, the joys of the present, and the unbelievable future that we, together, shall attain.
NOW,  we Pioneers are positioned to continue the growth support of AYSO, (1) Thanking and honoring the boys and girls, men and women, who played an important and distinguished rile to achieve AUYSO's success, unbelievable success, (2) by Purchasing a PIONEER OF AYSO "HAT" (see Pioneer hat "page") with the monies collected to fund the Pioneers of AYSO SCHOLARSHIP (monies delivered directly to AYSO), (3) by contributing to a Pioneer of AYSO ENDOWMENT FUND that will be used to provide revenue to a long-range plan by AYSO to fund a NATIONAL OFFICE building that will serve to reduce costs, provide a museum, house the National and Regional Hall of Fame inductees, and serve as a SUPPORT CENTER for AYSO GROWTH and thereby invite every elementary school student to enjoy playing in AYSO.  Because the preparation and maintenance of www.apayso.org web site will be accomplished by volunteers there will be minimal expenses that will be raised through the profit from the sale of the Pioneers hat.  
The Pioneer Hat of the Pioneers of AYSO will serve as an "identifier" of a fellow Pioneer of AYSO at high school, college, and professional soccer games with the pride of the many accomplishments achieved. We who have served AYSO as parents, players, coaches, referees, Soccer Moms, Soccer Dads, administrators, manual laborers, etc., with our increasing numbers are unlimited in the growth of OUR YOUTH IN AYSO, especially as we embark to reach out to every elementary school student in your region. It will be a pleasure to witness each other wearing the Pioneer of AYSO hat.
The National Officers of the Pioneers of AYSO with the Regional Historians will not be connected to the direction of the Pioneer STORY and funds raised will be a our supportive effort in their usage. Your suggestions are welcomed and we will have a "page" dedicated to receive your suggestions and compare the goals sought. The Pioneers of AYSO fund raising operation will be managed by volunteers and "status reports" made in the web site and also informative to AYSO National Office.  For those of us who have given of our "time and treasure" in the past we  are not only proud of our past non-profit efforts but also find ourselves with a longing desire to continue in an active, supportive way to the youth program that was built by men and women who have not only gained much in many ways but wish to "pass-along" the same joys and challenges that build character of our youth, and especially in the future.
Presently, the Pioneer of AYASO hat is in design and you will be able to comment in the "page" titled Pioneer Hat in this web site.    
We are in the early rough draft stage of composing the web site and your assistance in selecting your regional historian and the regional historian committee is the best way to serve in the Pioneers of AYSO..