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H.Y. Hung

The growth of AYSO is measured in many ways and there are those men and women who travel that extra mile outside of their way to provide their assets to have an impact on AYSO growth both statistically and materially. H.Y. Hung, a chemical engineer graduate of USC in Los Angeles was the employer of Bill Hughes, one of the five founders of AYSO, and the connection of AYSO needs and H.Y. Hung’s company, COMPAQ, a sporting equipment importer, were to solve major problems in the early days of AYSO.


Bill Hughes wanted the best of equipment for the youth of AYSO and with not a single USA manufacturer of quality soccer balls, he knew that England purchased their top quality, hand stitched, leather, soccer balls from Shanghai. With AYSO showing signs of accelerating growth, Bill and H.Y.Hung formed an USA Company, called MODSOC, and made arrangements for the availability of thousands of soccer balls. MODSOC required an investment of $25,000 in the first year of operation. Youth soccer uniforms was a major problem in that they were bland in design and Bill Hughes, with Joe Bonchonsky as the first president of MODSOC, hired a professional designer and 23 seamstresses to manufacture uniforms that each player treasured as his prized possession. MODSOC served multiple purposes proposed by Bill Hughes (donating team uniforms to AYSO travel teams) in that he wanted AYSO to have the best of everything to be more American than the other sports. One of those many objects was to provide soccer novelties and games equivalent to or better than those in other youth sports.


H.Y. Hung came to the rescue with the game of Soccer Chess (already in production in H.Y. Hung’s homeland of Hong Kong), plus soccer ball radios, key chains, etc. It was a matter of weeks before fundraisers within AYSO were underway at the regional level. MODSOC served an important objective in having the best of quality at the lowest of prices. The price of uniforms and soccer balls became most competitive and with competition from American suppliers, MODSOC, even with an additional $80,000, would soon go bankrupt. H.Y. Hung, Bill Hughes, and Joe Bonchonsky fulfilled their objectives at personal expense and with “soccer novelties” to provide soccer youth with a compatible position to other sports, H.Y. Hung and Joe Bonchonsky formed a company called “B & H Company” to continue to provide anything that AYSO would need. B & H Company continues to this day but primarily as a support service, on call, to the youth in American soccer.       


The ALUMNI PIONEER STORY of AYSO web site will require funds to operate and H.Y.Hung was the first to volunteer and assist in raising the monies through a product sale.  For more than 40 years, one of the most supportive friends of AYSO is H.Y. Hung and despite financial losses, he is fully aware of the unbelievable assignment that AYSO has performed for American youth. We, the ALUMNI PIONEERS proudly honor H.Y. Hung for his generous support in “time and treasure” during his many years. We AYSO ALUMNI PIONEERS recognize that there are many that have directly and indirectly sacrificed much toward AYSO and we are pleased to honor all of them.