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Pioneer Hat

Pioneers of AYSO Hat
There are many objectives to be attained by the purchase of the PIONEERS of AYSO Hat, presently in the DESIGN STAGE. (suggestions requested).
1. The financing of costs to eventually grow the Pioneers of AYSO to support the American Youth Soccer Organization and to include a Scholarship Fund, an Endowment Fund to finance AYSO National Office directed financial needs to minimize the cost to each and every player.    
 2. Recognition of each other at public functions, such as soccer games in high school, college, and professional games.
An  AYSO PIONEER  will be appointed as a member of the Pioneer's Board of Directors to fully oversee the fulfillment of the Fund Raising Program.
The sale of the Pioneer Hat will commence in the near future and further information will be updated in this "page."

The above hat will allow the side flaps to be buttoned upward (useful for golfers, fans, fly-fishers, Aussie portrayal, etc.),   

Price: TBD. The Fund Raiser will include a donation of $5 for AYSO SCHOLARSHIP FUND, and an opportunity to donate to the Pioneers Endowment Fund. The Scholarship and Endowment Funds will be tax deductible as a result of immediate transfer of funds to AYSO NATIONAL OFFICE in your name.
The PIONEERS OF AYSO HAT shown here will soon be in production and available for sale.
We will have no membership fees for the Pioneers of AYSO. Every person who participated as a player, coach, referee, administrator, aide, Soccer Mom, Soccer Dad, etc., retired or active, is automatically a member of the PIONEERS OF AYSO. We plan primarily to assist in growing AYSO by providing scholarship funds to cover registration of needy players.
Initially, we will establish a fund from the "not-for-profit" hat sales to operate the Pioneers of AYSO website. The operation of the PIONEERS OF AYSO will be accomplished by volunteers. While this project is never-ending, after the initial funds adequate to operate the website are raised, additional projects will be implemented in accordance to the wishes of the Pioneers of AYSO.
The volunteers fulfilling the duties of PIONEERS OF AYSO Board Of National Directors (BONO) have donated their "time and treasure" to the website.
The sale of the Pioneer hats is our planned fund raiser. The funds to be raised provides an opportunity for all of us to continue our active participation in the growth of AYSO. The to-be-appointed BONO member (volunteer) will outline the operational procedures to maximize this effort and provide logistics in support of the AYSO GROWTH PROGRAM to be funded by Pioneers of AYSO.  
As the active membership of the PIONEERS OF AYSO increases it is planned to have a minimum of seven BONO, (volunteers), one will lead the management of the  PIONEERS OF AYSO fundraising, etc.  
An order sheet will be noted here in the near future.