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WestChester / Inglewood

WestchesterInglewood had its beginning in 1964-65 when some players from these cities played on the teams in the Culver City region. In the third year of AYSO, when Steve Erdos, one of the original founders of AYSO (see stories at the National level of this website) and also the commissioner of Culver City, had a job transfer, a year of non-playing took place. In the 4th year, Culver City came alive with a new beginning and additional regions in West Hollywood and Santa Monica were formed alongside of culvwer City. The independent region of WestChester/Inglewood was initiated by Alec Anderson out of the Torrance/South Bay region that provided 8 regions in 1968-69. 
The fact that four of the eight regions derived from the large Torrance/South Bay region were led by European-born former soccer players is testimony to the collaborative effort of  these new Americans their new homeland. When you read Alec Anderson's profile you will obtain a great "good" feelng of the men that left their countries to blend in beautifully by providing the historic presence of the "old country" to AYSO. Alec is one of a kind, an excellent referee, commissioner, and  most importantly a brave friend to undertake various roles in AYSO even to the National level.   
Many good men and women built  up WestChester/Inglewood and among that list were Bob Hills (an AiResearcher like Alec), Forrest Beatty, etc. and we look fiorward to the Westchester/Inglewood historian and committee to input the profiles of these men and women to their Area historian.  
Joseph Bonchonsky,
Jun 1, 2012, 11:21 AM