Web Administration

This section documents how the APAYSO web site is to be prepared and maintained. It is intended to be a participatory adventure and each region will have a Regional Historian and Regional Historians' Committee to gather information, place in documentary form and forward to the appropriate Area Historian for insertion into the web site, primarily through "copy and paste."
It is requested that each region search for members to volunteer and become historians and to be familiar with the contents herein to allow for ease of writing.
Names of Regional Historians and Area Historians will be noted herein as they volunteer. 
Names of Section Historians will be noted herein as they volunteer.
Guidelines for participation as historians will be continuously updated herein.
You have a great STORY to tell at the regional level and beginning with statistics of teams, names of regional officers, and participating in the selection of your Regional Hall of Fame Inductees will be a major first contribution to the continuous growth of AYSO, especially in your region.
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