Getting Started

Each region is entitled to have their region's history in the PIONEERS OF AYSO STORY. In order to have a manageable procedure with viable control, the APAYSO web site control point for credible uinformation of each region will be the volunteer historian for their Area. Each region volunteer historian(s) will research and prepare their initial Pioneers History story starting wth the format in accordance with the instructions noted in the Guidelines. The region story will be reviewed by the Area volunteer Historian for accuracy and Area compatibility. The regional historian will be authorized to input directly into the web for the region of concern. Area historians will assist when necessary. It is important that regional historians are  assisted by others involved in the web. Tim Oey, will control the web inputting procedures and authorize those, beginnimng at the regional level, who are to input to the computer. 
Area Volunteer Historians will assist to seek regional volunteer historians. It is planned that the present regional commissioner or a past regional commissioner will volunteer to assist in selecting the most qualified to be their regional historian (and members of each regional historian committee).  A "region's page" will be identified for each region in this web site and will identify the Area and Regional Historians and their Historian Committes, after their names have been identified. 
The existing preliminary format for trhe West Torrance region will be used as an initial guide.
Each potential Area and Region Volunteer Historian will request approval from the APAYSO BONO (email to: Tim Oey to obtain editing (inputing) rights for their region and/or Area). Each Regional Volunteer Historian is to be listed on each region's page to become the recognized Regional Historians... answers to your questions on editing of your areas history will be forwarded to you on request. The web site will be used as the conduit for on-going guidance in the preparation of regional histories.
In some cases, the above guidelines will require adjustments for an efficient operation. Your most efficient procedure is our objective. For example, the regional historian may wish to initially commence  with the statistics for each year before listing officers. The regional HOF may be implemented later, after the region's preferred procedure is determined. In all cases, the Regional Pioneers of AYSO Story is your story and the National guidance is there to assist. 
In the 100+ Areas and over 1,000 regions, the PIONEERS OF AYSO story will, by necessity, should have compatibility in the format procedures to have a calendar oriented history throughout the Pioneers of AYSO STORY. The progress in writing the total history of AYSO will be the co-operation of each region's leadership and the Regional Historians leadership in implementing each regions' Hall of Fame and will add initial purpose to the efforts of each region. The recognition of regional past officers will highlight each region's annual history and the regional historian will have established the "getting started" effort.
The unlimited number of pages in the web site allows for the complete story from each region. While it will take years to compile, the journey will not only be enjoyable but also advantageous to the growth and energy of each AYSO region. 
Most importantly, become familiar with the AYSO STORY at the National Level as it is being compiled and recommend your region's impact story for inclusion at the national level. Continuously study the West Torrance PIONEERS OF AYSO STORY (as it is being written) to aid in your initial preparation at your regional level..
The web site programming does not allow for an automatic "spell and grammar check," therefore, conduct your spell check on your input  prior to submittal. Spelling corrections can also be made later but without computer automatic assistance. 
At the National Level, the Pioneers of AYSO STORY presently in existence will continuosly be re-written to provide major accomplishments throughout the Americas but first these accomplishments must be included in your regional history to allow for selection of those with the greatest impact.
Each region's history is being formatted for compatibility with all of the other regions and your Pioneers of AYSO history is to be your story. It is intended that the National historians staff be of direct assistance to you. It is to be remembered that their will be improvements in the "guidelines" and especially after suggestions are reached from the regional historians.
The Pioneers of AYSO story is to be your story, coupled with others........... BE PROUD AND ENJOY