Each region is encouraged to commence their regional Hall of Fame. To allow for compatibility throughout the regions, each region should have the same procedure to determine the "number" of Hall of Fame regional members. Each region should include Hall of Fame members who have distinguished their region as active pioneers and/or pioneer players of note. The historians of each region with their historian's committee are to play a major role in establishing criteria and selecting potential HOF Inductees. Approval of each potential regional inductee will be by a regional committee of no less than five Pioneers of AYSO within each region.

The role of historians in the Pioneer Story of AYSO is critical to the intentions of the APAYSO in continuing assistance to the growth and well being of AYSO.  The initial task of writing requires assistance for compatibility with individuality amongst the State/Cities (regions). The following guidelines and responsibilities are noted to assist.

Men and women in leadership roles, leading the way, have always been the strength of AYSO. For a start in researching the history of your region, it is suggested that initially a minimum of three persons be designated (volunteers) under the leadership of one historian (volunteer) to commence the writings. Three persons are recommended because one of the the first tasks is to determine the best procedure for establishing the APAYSO REGIONAL HALL OF FAME NOMINEES in each region. Because the men and women in each region are our strengths, the beginning of your Regional HOF selections should be an enjoyable task. A potential formula for the number of inductees in your individual region is as follows:

The number of years in existence of your region should result in at least one regional HOF person per year. For example, if your region is 20 years in existence, then you should have 20 persons (minimum) in your Regional Pioneers of AYSO HALL OF FAME. To allow for proper consideration of the most qualified inductees, only 25% of the number should be inducted in the first year of honoring your candidates. 25% of the number for each of the first four years of induction provide a controlled process to be fair to all potential candidates. Thereafter, each year, beginning with the fifth year of regional HOF inductees, there should be a minimum of one per year and a "recommended" maximum of two per year.

It is strongly suggested that the first 25% to be honored be friom the first 25% time period of the region's existence. The intent here is to first review the beginning history of the region to ensure the proper timely recognition of the HOF members in each region. Pioneers of AYSO who have been honored at the national level HOF "should not" be included in the selection and induction into the Regional HOF other than being noted in the listing of regional HOF members.  In the circumstances where a national HOF member is considered to be in more than one region (i.e Sigi Schmid), he should be listed in both the West Torrance region, where he played, and Central Torrance region, where he lived. 

The three historians of each region will provide the names of the HOF candidates to a committee appointed by a past or present regional commissioner (and the three historians, (plus a past commissioner) (and three others, if desired) will form the minimum approval committee. While the above is a suggested procedure, each region should feel free to adjust to best provide a “fair” procedure, based on their region's circumstances.

Each of the APAYSO Hall of Fame inductees "must" provide a written PROFILE to be submitted as part of the selection/approval process prior to selection within each region. This procedure will allow for the region to commence writing the Pioneers of AYSO STORY for their State/City (region) input. With the calendar oriented statistics listing number of regional teams and number of players, and primary officers of each year (see West Torrance regional example), the HOF members, plus their profiles, it should result in a compatible format for all regional historians to submit their first regional writings for the PIONEERS of  AYSO web site. Each region can follow with regional stories that best present the unique history of the region. 

In AYSO, we place our youth first in youth soccer and in the PIONEER STORY of AYSO, we honor our leading men and women, especially of the past, in their deserved position within their region and the National Body of the Pioneers of AYSO.

With the above accomplished, the historian(s) for each region will have commenced the task of the first input to the PIONEER STORY and while some regions will have this first step of writing started in the year 2012 and/or in 2013, it is anticipated that many regions will have their first inputs completed for the AYSO 50th Anniversary on August 15, 2014.

With the above regional start of historical input, including the first 25% of REGIONAL HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES, their individual profiles, and calendar oriented statistics with regional officers, a compatible systematic approach from all regions will be available to the APAYSO web site, throughout AYSO. Again, the regional APAYSO STORY therein can be written after the basic input is completed. The Regional Story is the responsibility of the regional Historian(s) and is to be coordinated with the Area Historian, who serves as a control point for accuracy and compatibility within the Area. The APAYSO Area  Historian will assist (inputting) the regional STORIES into the APAYSO WEB SITE.
It is hopeful that many regions will commence early writing and a goodly number of regions have their STORY within the APAYSO web site during the year of 2013 in time for the 50th AYSO Anniversary on August 15, 2014. It is recognized that initially there may be only one historian per region at first but that will allow that individual to gather historical information and commence the writing.
The APAYSO STORY will be a never-ending story to include the future and truly enjoyable to the many who will follow.
This "Guidelines page" of the total web site will be used to provide continuous assistance as we progress.