In writing the PIONEER STORY of AYSO there are many objectives, primary and secondary. Some of the primary objectives are to encourage inviting every elementary school student in America to play youth soccer in AYSO. To pay tribute to the founders and pioneers of each region and especially the present day leaders in each AYSO region is a prime objective.
To assist each region to emphasize their individual objectives, past and present, as best intended in their unique situation is of paramount importance to the AYSO FAMILY.
One of the prime objectives of the  PIONEER OF AYSO STORY is to encourage many of the retired AYSO graduates to continue in their involvement in ways that they are most qualified. In this manner, AYSO will have the advantage of her senior members and especially those who have benefited by the “leadership” skills developed in their formative years as an AYSO  player, coach, referee, laborer, and/or administrator.
The Pioneers of AYSO will, initially, be involved primarily in the writing of the history of the Pioneers of AYSO. It is intended that after a period of time and with the participation of many Pioneers, that worthwhile goals to be achieved will evolve. These goals will be determined only after a large number of Pioneers participate and the needs of AYSO are determined.
There is much to accomplish within the AYSO EVERYONE PARTICIPATES PHILOSOPHY that requires analysis.  Raising funds to provide funds for the purpose of providing scholarship to the “needy” and thereby provide an opportunity for youth to play youth soccer in EVERYONE PLAYS is a worthy objective. The scholarship monies to be raised for financially disadvantaged youth is to be encouraged.
The long range program of raising "endowment funds" is to be reviewed and planned to assist AYSO in maintaining their financial standing at the National level to more productively improve to assist  AYSO GROWTH at the regional level.
In order to develop a fund within AYSO for a Hall of Fame facility, the Pioneers of AYSO may become a conduit for obtaining endowmwent funds. To assist in maintaing a reasonable "cost to players," the Pioneers of AYSO may establish an Endowment Fund to provide assistance at the National Level that will provide financial security and cost optimization to the total AYSO Program. These monies will be directly under the control of AYSO with a committee of Pioneers and the AYSO National Office to determine the best of usage and operations.

There are locations throughout the Americas that are in need of our youth soccer program and many AYSO graduates either have relocated or retired to these untouched locations. The PIONEERS OF AYSO STORY is to be a motivation factor for these new locations until every hamlet has been introduced to the AYSO PHILOSOPHY of EVERYONE PLAYS.

The direct benefits of playing AYSO youth soccer for every elementary school student in America are unlimited. With “physical education” classes in our elementary schools at a comparative minimum, the school teachers are most appreciative of the improved physical condition of AYSO players. The elimination of obesity in our youth is of concern to every parent and our government officials; the growth of AYSO has begun to impact this objective.

The PIONEER STORY of AYSO is filled with the AYSO accomplishments and growth of AYSO and thereby encourages the PIONEERS OF AYSO of today to “run that extra mile” and accomplish their objectives in their respective regions and at the national level.
The PIONEER STORY is awesome when you realize that it started with but a handful of men and women in an elementary school yard and have progressed unlimited.  The PIONEER STORY in your region must be told simply because of its tremendous success of parents as volunteers raising their offspring in the healthiest of environments within the AYSO PHILOSOPHY of EVERYONE IS INVITED resulting in EVERYONE PLAYS on BALANCED TEAMS. The PIONEER STORY OF AYSO is awesome and as the pioneers of the first 50 years grew from the initial 125 players to graduating millions, the present day PIONEERS of AYSO look forward through the next 50 years when every elementary school student in the entirety of the Americas will be invited to play in AYSO and capture the joys and thrills as they play in the AYSO FAMILY. The players of the AYSO first 50 years are today’s coaches, referees, and administrators that will lead AYSO with their home-grown talents as AYSO provides the trained soccer player for high school, college, Olympic and World Cup success. AYSO has become the AMERICAN soccer foundation within EVERYONE PLAYS and EVERYONE INVITED.