Story Structure

To provide you with the ease and joy of reading the PIONEER STORY in all of the States and Regions of AYSO, there is a MAIN BODY (National Level) where the AYSO PHILOSOPHY is fully presented and the reference links to each Section, Area, and their Regions where the AYSO GROWTH is fully detailed. Each State/City (each Region) will have unlimited pages and as the website grows the full APAYSO STORY will be told. In the APAYSO STORY, the emphasis will be on personal stories via the PIONEER PROFILES that will be identified in the National and each Regional pioneer story. This procedure will allow, eventually, recognition for those considered in each region as their leading PIONEERS.

The MAIN BODY (National STORY) of the PIONEERS OF AYSO STORY will allow for a continuous readable historical summary of the AYSO PHILOSOPHIES, GROWTH and MAJOR STEPS FORWARD ANNUALLY in the PIONEER STORY. To commence your reading of this website it is suggested that one begins with reading the Introduction and National Profiles.
If your first reading is time limited, read the FIVE ten year reviews to acknowledge the AYSO IMPACT on youth, high schools, colleges, Olympic and professional, and total impact in the Americas.
The Pioneer Story of AYSO in depth will be at the regional level with a calendar oriented listing within the many Areas of AYSO.   

Each Region therein will be guided by a format to allow for a compatible organization of stories. The stories in the MAIN BODY and the STATE/CITY region will be calendar oriented to allow the reader to follow the historical total pioneer compatible story.  

The goals of preparing the APAYSO STORY on a web site in this STORY STRUCTURE is to have each AYSO participant have free ready access to the AYSO FAMILY STORY. The full story of AYSO must be told and accurately documented.  The pioneer story is awesome and after 50 years many are to be congratulated.  50 years from now, 2064, the story of the first 100 years will be told and should be as clear as the AYSO PHILOSOPHIES. The Pioneers of AYSO story is a tale of our youth guided by their parents as coaches, referees, laborers and administrators.
The PIONEERS OF AYSO story is your story fulfilling your rtole at the foundation of AYSO soccer.